You’re gonna be fine.

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Fucking Alvarez, man, he’s got more lives than a cat!


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also packers training camp starts tomorrow and i am so excited and i CANNOT EFFING WAIT FOR FOOTBALL SEASON TO START

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"I'm no expert on Marty Hart, but isn't it kind of weird that the "and the world keeps spinning"-quote is from him? He just seems rather old-fashioned and if people don't like doing things his way, well then they are wrong. Or is it meant to be hilariously ironic? Or am I misinterpreting Marty? Or is time, after all, a flat circle?"


I think Marty’s a lot more open-minded than he gets credit for.  His insistence on getting his own way starts and ends at his own personal life choices; we don’t see him dictating how other people live.  (In fact, Rust is the one Marty sees as judgmental, and Rust sees himself as “critical.”)  He appreciates the sense of community that religion offers, but he isn’t a fundamentalist (Pizzolatto describes both Rust and Marty as agnostics), and despite his seniority he doesn’t balk at Rust’s theories even though he knows their superiors will (he keeps Rust on track, which he probably needs, but never stops where the investigation is going just because it wasn’t his theory).  

I think you’re right, though, about the irony.  I see a parallel between “Everyone wasn’t out in the street yelling about their rights” and “I meant raccoon hound. Everybody is a fucking drama queen nowadays.”  Marty is a product of his culture his own stubbornness and turning into the father-in-law he hates is inevitable unless he fights it.  For Rust and Marty both, their biggest struggle is their inability to move forward—Marty is in denial about the fact that he can’t change and Rust is in denial about the fact that anything could change. 

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also ayyy rick in the s5 trailer hmu

I honest to God think Jax needs to die a slow painful death. Let the family flaw claim his ass!

at this point i’m hoping that a tig trager with nothing else to lose claims jax

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"i honest to god think jax is going to be the last man standing" 

i honest to god think you need your mom’s help to use the internet and other basic life functions

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im more excited abt this than any of the three kids

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never. looked. better.

also, basically fashion inspo for THIS FIC.

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just rust cohle things

original [x]

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whats your chest piece of??

i actually still like the concept, it’s “some hearts are gallows” flanked by a bird (crow on right magpie on right) sitting on a gallows on either side 

but i went somewhere shitty because i was too inexperienced to know any better and it just isn’t good quality at all lol

also like lbr if im gonna have a chest piece im gonna have a fuckin chest piece not a line of script and two small images near my shoulders

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if i get this job i’m going to be making about 1500 a month after taxes

u know what this means

this means i can cover up my shitty chest tattoo

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i have a second interview next wednesday!!

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